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New arrivals – swarovski crystal earrings

Ballerina Collection

Discover our ‘Ballerina’ collection of handmade earrings. We used Swarovski Crystals® and Czech beads to create these beautiful and feminine designs. Swarovski Crystal Pearls are very well known for their amazing luster, color, and their perfect shape, a reason why we always use them in our jewelry. The earrings are made with Sterling Silver.

Stud Earrings

These simple stud earrings are perfect for any occasion. They can easily compliment any outfit and their lovely colorful sparkle will make you stand out. For this design, we used only Swarovski Crystals® and Sterling Silver. They are also available with the clip-on clasp.

Drop Earrings

A wonderful earrings collection made exclusively with Swarovski Crystals® and Sterling Silver. We are using a variety of techniques to create these pieces, where some of them are one of a kind.

* For more information regarding sizes, colors, prices or for special order enquiries, please contact us.