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Floral Pendants

A very feminine pendants collection created with a combination of Swarovski Crystals® and high-quality Czech Beads, for a touch of sparkle and elegance. The inner circle of the pendant is made with Swarovski Crystals, where the outer circle is made with Czech Beads.

Pendants with a single Swarovski crystal®

Some of the Swarovski Crystals® used in this collection are limited edition.

Ballerina Pendants

A very feminine and elegant collection of pendants created using a special beading technique. For this design, we used a combination of Swarovski Crystal Pearls and high-quality Czech Beads.

Check out our Earrings page here to create your unique Ballerina set.

Pendants with multiple Swarovski crystals®

The Swarovski Crystals® used in this collection may be limited edition.

Floral Pendants

*For more information regarding the elements used, materials, sizes, prices or for any special order inquiries, please contact us.