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Swarovski Ceralun® Rings

A funky and very playful rings collection that will spice up any outfit. All the rings are made using Swarovski Ceralun® and Swarovski Crystals®.

Rings designed with Sterling Silver Wire

Beautiful rings collection created by shaping Silver925 wire to make the ring shank – a very nonconformist technique, but with a very edgy look. All rings are made using Swarovski Crystals®.

Rings made entirely with Swarovski Crystals®

In this very funky collection, you will find colorful rings made entirely out of Swarovski Crystals®, including the ring shank.

Cocktail Rings

Unique cocktail rings made with Swarovski Crystals® and Sterling Silver.

*For any details regarding the sizes, colors, elements, prices or for any special order inquiries, please contact us.